Bookkeeping / Payroll

You’ve got better things to do than paperwork, like focusing on building your business. Let Integrity Business Services help you stay on track.

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We offer complete bookkeeping and accounting services for sole proprietorships, small businesses, corporations, and even S-corps:

  • Routine bookkeeping services
  • Routine accounting services (monthly, quarterly, or yearly)
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis

Small businesses have unique bookkeeping needs. While financial statements can help a business owner or manager make appropriate decisions moving forward, there is often a lot more involved than just numbers on a page. Integrity Business Services doesn’t just supply the statement; we can help you understand its implications on your business. Help, pardon the pun, make sense of your bottom line.


We hear it every week, how much of a clerical headache payroll can be. Sifting through timesheets, calculating payroll tax, reporting, remitting, drafting the checks. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just hand those timesheets off to someone else and have them take care of it?

With Integrity Business Service’s payroll service , you can do just that. We’ll handle the complete payroll package, from processing to paying, tax reporting and remitting, all the way to W2 and 1099 issuing. There is honestly nothing more that you could ask for. For real. We do everything you can think of.

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