Grant Writing

We could all use a little more money. For those of you lucky enough to be a part of a non-profit organization, that extra cash may be just a grant application away! You didn’t get this far in business without knowing it isn’t exactly that simple, however.

Grants can be a pain. Writing the application, conforming to the style expected by the recipient, making sure you’ve collected the proper information and are submitting it in the correct format, order, and with the proper amount of staples and paperclips. Yes, proper amount of paperclips. Did you know that some grant applications still request submission with brass fasteners?

Our professional grant writer does. She’s even got a little box of them right there at her desk!

She’s also really great at writing the grants. With a proven, successful track record of retaining grant monies she makes a great addition to the Integrity Business Services team. She provides excellent one on one service, personalized to you and your organization. In addition, she offers:

  • Research of grant resources
  • Writing and compiling of grant applications
  • Follow-Up compliance (for those pesky money givers who have questions)

If you’re interested in this, head on over to our contact page and request more information! And feel free to give us a call at (734)654-9110.