Other Services

Integrity Business Services of Carleton is through-and-through a business dedicated to helping you stay focused on what you do best: your business. True to this, we’re pleased to offer a pair of specialized event services.

Event Planning

Anyone who has ever tried to coordinate a holiday party, company picnic, retirement celebration, or other such service can tell you it can be a logistical nightmare. Finding a venue, a caterer or other foodservice provider, decorating, inviting, and syncing everything else together is a sophisticated undertaking. So why not have someone who isn’t you take care of it?

We’ve done this kind of thing before, and much to everyone we know’s surprise we actually kind of enjoy it. It also helps we’re really good at it.

So don’t spend your valuable time and your staff’s amazing talent. Spend ours!

Fund Raising Events

When it comes to find raising coordination, on top of all that super-fun logistical stuff involved in event planning, you also have to successfully raise funds. The tricky part is you have to try to stay sane while doing it, so your organization can put those newly raised funds to use.

Let us help! Whether you’re looking to hold something as straight forward as a benefit dinner, as coordinated as a silent auction, or as grand as a cruise, we’re there to take care of the time consuming stuff. All you have to worry about is enjoying yourself!

To learn more, go ahead and contact us here.